Introduction to FAOdata APIs

The website is being designed and developed following the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach that includes a clear decoupling between the presentation and the process layer. This means that many resources such as information, maps, documents, photos, and more, can be easily shown in It also means that operations performed by the website will be provided by a service. These services are also directly accessible, without the intermediation of the web interface, through API implementations.

There are different kinds of APIs provided by that allow adding, retrieving, updating, deleting, browsing and searching resources inside the catalog through web services in the RESTful and SOAP style. They also provide additional services not strictly related to CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations, such as, running multidimensional queries in the data warehouse where the end result is available in different formats, or performing an automatic translation of a text fragment from one of the six official FAO languages to another, using a FAO specialized vocabulary, and so on.

The APIs are grouped into functional classifications.

See this page for information about RESTfull services.