Common parameters

As specified on the authorization page, to invoke APIs, you must provide an authorization key called "authKey" (For example: c6fe9f2e-43ec-4fbe-b849-7ec361975d6c), which you can specify either as a query string parameter or as an HTTP header.

Use the "version" parameter to indicate the current API version. Currently, the registered version is 1.0.

The requests and the responses of the APIs can be localized in different languages. To obtain a result in a specific language it is possible to specify the query string parameter "lang" or the HTTP header "Accept-Language" (For example: en, fr, ar, etc).

Moreover, it is also possible to obtain the results in different formats by specifying the relative MIME-Type in the "Accept" HTTP header or by defining the format extension on the path of the requested resource.

The formats that are generally supported include: XML (".xml"), JSON (".json") and JSONP (".jsonp"), with the related MIME types application/xml, application/json and application/javascript, respectively. If the JSONP format is requested, it is possible to specify the name of the callback function through the "callback" query string parameter.

You can obtain resource descriptors (RDF) in different formats, such as rdf+xml (".rdf"), json (".json"), notification3 (".n3"), turtle (".turtle"), and so on. The following is the complete list of resource descriptors:

  • rdf: ("rdf", "application/rdf+xml")
  • json: ("json", "application/json")
  • jsonp: ("jsonp", "application/javascript")
  • turtle: ("turtle", "application/x-turtle")
  • ntriple: ("ntriples", "text/plain")
  • notation3: ("n3", "text/rdf+n3")
  • trix: ("trix", "application/trix")
  • trig: ("trig", "application/x-trig")

The "page" parameter is optional and it indicates the number of pages on which we want the results to be returned. The other optional parameter, "pageSize", selects the maximum number of elements per page.

Finally, it is possible to filter the results using a full text search, providing the additional "search" query parameter.