Resources APIs

These APIs allow you to browse through catalog resources in a user-friendly way.

Use the following base path to access these services:

This URL returns a list of higher order resource types that are stored in the catalog. In order to obtain a list of subtypes of a specific type, you can specify the parameter 'parentType' and as a value, assign the parent type of the subtype that you want to list.

The path construction used to browse through catalog resources is based on a hierarchical structure. At the top of the hierarchy there is the type. Specify the resource type in order to obtain a list of databases that contain it.

The second step is represented by the database. Add the database specification in order to list all of the resources of a specific type that are stored in that database. Going deeper on the hierarchy, you can request the resource descriptor or request the datastreams associated with that resource, adding the resource name and the datastream name to the path, respectively.

To get a list of provided services by example, see the example page. To view a detailed description of these APIs, see the Resources APIs page.