The SDMX APIs provide a way for you to access and browse all SDMX resources. This is a REST based webservice for SDMX that is comprised of the SDMX registry and SDMX repository operations. The path to access the services is the following:


There are several different API methods, for example:

  • The 'registry' method:

    The registry method allows you to browse SDMX registry resources. The path is:<resource>/<agencyID>/<resourceID>/<version>?<parameters>

  • The 'repository' method:

    The repository method allows you to browse SDMX repository resources. The path is:<flowRef>/<key>/<providerRef>?<parameters>

  • The 'web' method:

    The web method allows you to browse SDMX static web pages. The path is:<page>.html.

    To obtain a list of the provided services by example, see the example page.